About Us
South Central Wisconsin Move to Amend is a nonpartisan association of volunteers galvanized into action by the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision by the United States Supreme Court. We are alarmed by the threat to democracy posed by unrestricted corporate spending on local, state, and national election campaigns. In particular, we hold it as self-evident that corporations are not people, money is not speech, and therefore the regulation of corporate spending on elections is not an abridgement of First Amendment free speech rights.

We are an association focusing on local grassroots action in Madison, Wisconsin, and the surrounding area.We have joined forces with other citizens across the nation by affiliating with MoveToAmend.org

How Can I Help?

Help plan our campaign
We have weekly meetings on Monday evenings to choose our priorities and to plan the next steps of our campaign. Everyone who shares our goal is welcome to attend and participate in this planning. Contact us for meeting locations and times.

Educate your friends and neighbors
Perhaps the single most important goal of our campaign is to educate fellow citizens concerning the consequences of the Citizens United decision for our democracy. You can help with this goal by first becoming informed yourself and then sharing what you have learned with friends, co-workers, and neighbors. We also need individuals who can speak confidently and authoritatively about this issue to the local media, government officials, and organizations.

Let us know of your desire to help
Please use the form below to register as a volunteer. We will reply as quickly as possible with opportunities to get involved!